PLAYDAYS is a collective of five members, all from the West Island of Montreal. Having started their musical exploration by making instrumental pieces inspired by movies, they quickly realized the strength of their chemistry, proof that they could take the project to another level.

Having 2 singer-songwriters in their group, it was in the summer of 2019 that the collective came together, realizing that all of their compositions were made together. The collective is inspired by European sung rap (Damso, Josman, Laylow), R&B, hip hop and North American pop (Travis Scott, Don Toliver, The Weeknd, etc.), especially for the aesthetics of the productions and its rhythmics.

Mixing all these influences and putting their collective touch, PLAYDAYS forms a unique, rhythmic, captivating and contemporary sound.


Spring marks the full-force arrival of the young Montreal collective PLAYDAYS, which presents its first EP, including its two previously released singles, “Vidé” and “Femme de luxe”, and its new song “Vie américaine”…