The spring of 2023 marks the beginning of the promising career of artist HALO. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of his first three-part EP.

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Malko slows down the pace on “Patience” and solidifies his bridge to France with a collaboration featuring rapper damlif.

This song is really important to me. It represents all the long nights in the studio, the hope to one day achieve my dreams and all the doubts I constantly wrestle with – around my music, my art and myself. “




Following the release of Charlotte Cardin’s most recent singles “Confetti” and “Looping”, the acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter has announced her sophomore album 99 Nights, available now via Cult Nation/Atlantic Records.

Coinciding with the news, Charlotte has released the title track “99 Nights,” an infectious earworm about longing that puts Cardin’s captivating vocals on full display. The album is the follow up to her lauded, multi-Juno winning debut, Phoenix.

The “99 Nights Tour” is also set to take place in 2023 and early 2024 with dates all around the world.



World-renowned singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin has teamed up with viral artist Lubalin for “Phoenix (Reprise),” a reinvented duet version of the track from her critically acclaimed debut album. It’s no coincidence that the two artists reunited for this single as Lubalin co-wrote the original song.

“Phoenix (Reprise) is probably my favorite version of this song that I worked with Charlotte on both the original and the cover. To me, it really has its own story that starts with the version that’s on Charlotte’s album. Before I became “TikTok famous” in late 2019, I met with Jason Brando at Cult Nation to play him some of my demos, including an early demo of Phoenix. At the time, I only had the chorus (“you told me, you loved me…”) and a basic beat with piano, 808s and drums. There were also the “oohs” that you hear in the quieter part before the last chorus. Jason asked me if he could play it for Charlotte. When I gave him the okay, I never thought anything would come out of it. A few weeks later, Charlotte recorded the song. The song was then chosen for the album. Not only that, but the album will be named after the song and will be the first track on the album. I’m still absolutely amazed at how it turned out,” says Lubalin.



The arrival of spring marks the arrival in force of the young Montreal collective PLAYDAYS, which presents its first EP, including its two previously released singles, “Vidé” and “Femme de luxe”, then its new song “American Life”.

The collective also reveals its very first music video, which accompanies this last piece. This is the culmination of a project that began over a year and a half ago, and has been refined with the arrival of containment last March, until today. The “American Life” exhibited by the collective is one of luxury, money, appearances, excessive validation research, and polarizing biases fueled by disinformation and algorithms. The group portrays a false utopia where “the victims of the model are no one other than those who dream of it”. PLAYDAYS points out, however, that the goal of the EP is not necessarily criticism of this life, but rather instigating awareness in order to dissociate oneself from its toxic aspects.



Globally-acclaimed singer/songwriter Charlotte Cardin takes flight on her highly anticipated debut full-length album Phoenix – available today via Atlantic Records. A stunning body of work and 13-track collection, Phoenix features Cardin’s most recent single “Sad Girl” along with previously released tracks “Passive Aggressive,” “Daddy” & “Meaningless” – all of which marked the first music in nearly two years from the Montreal-based artist.

To celebrate the release of Phoenix, Cardin has also announced “The Phoenix Experience” livestream performance available on April 29th (North + South America) and April 30th (Europe) via Moment House. The first ever performance of her debut album will feature exclusive merchandise, while viewers are propelled into an immersive experience exploring cinematic themes that retrace the artist’s journey. Tickets for “The Phoenix Experience” livestream concert event available now.