HALO’s music plays much like a movie – a series of portraits painted to the beat of his flows. Born in Montreal, the young artist grew up in a home filled with music by his dad. He introduced him to jazz music, passed on his passion for vinyls, his love for writing. That’s the baggage HALO drew from to draft his first ideas back in 2018. He quickly identified with the hip hop genre and artists such as sean, Laylow and Hamza. He got to shaping his introspective sound, guided by his search for genuine authenticity. HALO set his sights on France early on, connecting with exciting young artists through Instagram. His raw talent caught the attention of Montreal label Cult Nation who joined the project in the fall of 2022.

HALO released his first songs in the spring of 2023 and celebrated the launch of the 2nd single with a release party in Paris. He made the most out of the trip by meeting with producers Wealstarcks and PRINC€ on top of laying the groundwork for his newest project BAD JAZZ – a collaboration with some the most exciting rising talents of the french new-wave, such as hellyes!, Tori and Lone?. Released in November 2023 via Cult Nation, the innovative new project allowed him to garner French media attention from the likes of Rapunchline and Kultur, as well as being featured in editorial playlists such as Sorties Rap and Nouveautés Franco. HALO is back in Paris in the spring of 2024, releases a collaborative track with IDHEM (Khali, Josad) and meets with some of the most promising new creatives of the french rap scene (EDGE, Gemen, Mandyspie). Notably, alongside certified multi-platinum producer BKH (Damso, Laylow, Rounha), HALO produces Tour du Monde, a track that embodies the essence of New Wave French rap, solidifying the artist’s artistic evolution.