The songs of HALO are listened to like a movie – a collection of distinct scenes that unfold to the rhythm of his flows. Born in Montreal, the 22-year-old artist grew up immersed in the diverse influences of his music-loving father. He introduced him to jazz, passed on his love for vinyl, and his passion for words. It is from this rich background that HALO drew inspiration in 2018, assembling his initial ideas on his laptop. He quickly identified with the codes of hip hop and drew inspiration from artists like Sean, Laylow, and Hamza. Since then, he has shaped an introspective sound, tinged with contemplation, guided by a quest for authenticity. Early on, he turned his attention to France and established connections with artists from the new wave like HELL-YES. His raw talent caught the attention of the Montreal-based label Cult Nation, which joined the project in the fall of 2022.

HALO embarks on a pivotal spring in his young career as he prepares to release his first tracks and showcase them in Paris.


The spring of 2023 marks the beginning of the promising career of artist HALO. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of his first three-part EP.