At barely 23, Malko is already one of the most promising figure of the new wave in hip hop. While he points to Josman, Laylow and Stromae has some of his biggest influences, Malko traces his own path – he develops a knack for fashion, takes inspiration from the visual arts and collaborates with musical artists from all horizons. Prolific in his creation, he works tirelessly to master his craft and sharpen his flow. 

He shares his first songs through the Spleen Amore 3-pack (Cult Nation), in November 2021. As the release buzzes overseas, Malko quickly goes back into the studio to work on his next sound and returns in the fall of 2022 with four new tracks. The songs feature local collaborations with artists such as Mike Clay (Clay & Friends), Jason Brando  (Charlotte Cardin) et Pops & Poolboy (Fouki), as well as French ones, such as producer BlackDoe (Tayc) and rapper Damlif (Yotanka Records). The songs are illustrated by director Aimé Irabahaye (Skiifall). Malko flies to Paris for the release of the 1st single and solidifies relationships built over the internet.

In the summer of 2023, Malko released 30°, a trifecta of afro vibes. Co-written and co-produced by his creative partner Willy Wonder and Hypnotic Beats (Damso, SCH), the project reinforced Malko’s profile at home and abroad. In a couple of weeks, the focus track MOTOMAMI had become the young artist’s most streamed song ever on Spotify. 

Malko already looks forward to his next project to be released on December 1st 2023 – the MAELSTRÖM  EP. He’ll be back in France early 2024 to work on more new music and continue the work on the ground. 


Malko presents “Patience” in collaboration with French rapper damlif.