Barely 20 years old, Malko Joseph-Lissade is already one of the most promising actors of the Montreal rap scene.

A prominent MC in the PLAYDAYS collective, Malko has the look of an experienced artist. As a teenager, his older brother introduced him to dancehall and afrobeat, and Malko quickly immersed himself in these textures and rhythms to create his own sound. When he entered college, he met beatmakers Jean-Christophe Barrette and William Lareau, who helped him refine his proposal through their compositions. Together, the three young men formed the PLAYDAYS collective in 2018, alongside MC Apollo and beatmaker Astro. While Malko feeds off the group’s energy, he remains independent in his approach, collaborating with other artists and musicians, lending his talent and pen to projects that inspire him.

Today, he names Josman, Green Montana and Laylow as his biggest influences, but the artist writes his own story. His mind shines, prolific in his creation, his lyrics are always more refined and his singular universe is revealed in each of his presences.


Malko presents “Patience” in collaboration with French rapper damlif.