theo feels is a musician, producer and sound designer based in Montreal. Spanning a decade-long career in audio post-production, his work includes Drake’s You Broke My Heart and Rich Baby Daddy, as well as Oscar-nominated shorts Fauve and Brotherhood. His solo project is steeped in emotionally driven house music that is sure to make you dance, whether you’re home by yourself or surrounded by people in a crowd – happy or sad. Think Nils Frahm’s storytelling, paired with Fred Again..’s textures.

Over the winter of 2021, in the heart of the pandemic, theo feels sat down each day to record a demo. He quickly stacked up enough music to make up the four EPs that would become the broader project, aptly named : stuck between 4 walls. Released in the fall of 2023, stuck finally unleashed the songs that had been walled in these past few years. On Apple Music, those first three tracks landed on playlists across 150 countries, in addition to ranking in the top 20 of their staple New in Electronic, in markets such as Germany and Switzerland.

The second chapter is set to kickoff in the spring of 2024, when theo feels presents between. A perfectly unique formula the artist calls ‘hybrid nostalgic house’, this new EP is a seamless blend of orchestral parts, tecktonik breaks and synth textures from the past, combined with modern house drums and sampling techniques – reminiscent of theo feels’ upbringing around EDM and electronic music in Europe.